Financing Your Home Improvements

LG Renovations offers its customers home improvement financing through GreenSky®. GreenSky® loans are easy, convenient, and offers a great way to finance any home improvement project. Approval in as few as 5 minutes via phone, web, or an application on site. This loan program remains open throughout the course of your insurance claim should changes to the scope of work change after your application.

We would be more than happy to assist you in securing the best financing option that suits your needs. Contact your sales representative or email us at to schedule one of our team members to walk you through getting approved!

You can also apply online at or by phone at: 866-936-0602. When applying you will need LG Renovations’ merchant number: 81039772.

Financing Options from GreenSky
Finance Your Project
1039 - Reduced Rate 9.99% for 103 Months
1188 - Reduced Rate 11.99% for 84 Months
1187 - Reduced Rate 9.99% for 84 Months
Financing for GreenSky© credit programs is provided by federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions without regard to race,color, religion,natinal origin, sex or familialstatus. NMLS #1416362; CT SLC-1416362; NJMT #1501607 C22
  • Credit limit up to $55,00
  • Fast approvals
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Multiple ways to make a payment
  • Affordable payment options

For more questions regarding financing with LG Renovations please feel free to contact us at
(972) 532-3676 or send us an email at

You can reach GreenSky directly at
1-866-936-0602 or at


All applications are subject to credit approval.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is GreenSky®?


What is GreenSky and what does it do?

The GreenSky® Programs make it easy for contractors to offer affordable financing to customers like you. GreenSky is the servicer for one of the nation’s largest bank lending programs. Banks in the GreenSky® Programs have financed more than one million home improvement projects. We service loans on behalf of more than a dozen leading banks across the nation.

You can think of GreenSky as a link between contractors, their customers and banks. We bring everyone together and simplify the loan process, from application, to decision/approval, to payments.

Is GreenSky a lender? Who is my loan with?

GreenSky is not a lender. We are a service provider and program administrator for federally insured, federal and state chartered banks that provide consumer loans under the GreenSky® Programs.

As a borrower, you received a loan agreement that identifies the bank that is offering and funding your loan. This loan agreement is between you and the funding bank directly. However, GreenSky services your loan at the direction and control of your lender, so any questions you have should be directed to us.

Why does my credit report show "GreenSky"? I thought I was applying for credit with LG Renovations?

Credit reporting is made in the GreenSky® Program name to help you identify inquiries and reporting with your GreenSky® Program loan. However, despite the fact that your application was made through the GreenSky® Program, the actual Loan Agreement is between you and the bank that is funding your loan. However, GreenSky will be servicing your loan, so any questions you have should be directed to us.

Is my loan tax deductible?

We cannot provide you with tax advice. In general, however, GreenSky® Program installment loans are personal loans and are not mortgages that qualify for a home mortgage tax deduction.

Making Payments


When is my payment due?

GreenSky® will send you billing statements showing, among other things, transactions on your account, the minimum monthly payment due, and your payment due date. Your payment due date will be the same day of the month every month until you pay off your loan.

How do I repay my loan?

You may make a payment online at, by sending a check to the address on your billing statement, or by calling 866-936-0602 and making a check by phone payment.

Does GreenSky provide an online portal?

Yes. The GreenSky® portal is located at Once you register, you can manage your account, view billing statements, and making payments. You can also make a payment without registering.

On the portal, you can make a one-time payment, set up a series of up to six (6) individual payments, or establish recurring auto payments. It’s all designed to make it easy and convenient.

How much is my payment?

Your payment is set by the terms and conditions of your loan agreement and is a function of your authorized purchases. Your loan agreement provides you with an estimated repayment schedule that includes the amount of each monthly payment based on full utilization of your credit limit. Keep in mind, however, you are only obligated for the actual payments you authorize to LG Renovations.

Each billing statement will identify the transactions on your account, the interest that is being billed to your account, the principal balance, and actual minimum monthly payment due for that billing cycle.

Can I repay my loan with a credit card?

Unfortunately, GreenSky® cannot take credit cards as a form of payment for your loan.

Why am I getting a billing statement when my project hasn't started?

If there is a transaction on your account, it may reflect a down payment or deposit that you authorized, even though your project had not started at the time of the transaction. If there is a transaction on your account that you did not authorize, please contact us immediately at

Getting Started With Your Loan


I've been approved for a loan. Now what?

Congratulations! First, you will receive an email “Notice of Approval” that includes a link where you can get your Loan Agreement and other materials you will need to use your loan. GreenSky® will also send you a physical copy of the Loan Agreement in the mail.

What if I don't want to use my loan?

The application and approval processes simply establish a loan offer from the funding bank for qualified borrowers. If you are approved for a loan, you have no obligation on the loan until and unless you use the account to pay for a transaction. If you do not want to use your loan, you may close your account at any time before you authorize a transaction by contacting GreenSky® at

What is a "deferred interest" loan? Do I have 0% interest loan?

A deferred-interest loan is not a 0% interest loan. We have prepared a reference guide to help you understand your deferred interest loan. Understanding Your Deferred Interest Loan may be found here.

The most important things to understand about a deferred interest loan are:


    1. Your loan includes a “Promotional Period” which is shown in the Truth in Lending Disclosures of your Loan Agreement. This period typically ranges from six (6) to 18 months, but can vary.
    2. During that promotional period, interest is billed to your loan, but you are NOT REQUIRED TO PAY that interest YET.
    3. If you repay the entire purchase balance before the end of the promotional period, all interest billed to your account during the promotional period will be waived. If you do not repay the entire purchase balance before the end of the promotional period, you will be responsible for repaying the interest that was billed to your account during the promotional period and any interest that is subsequently billed to your account.

If you have a deferred interest loan, your monthly billing statement during the promotional period will show you the following information to help you manage your account to avoid paying the deferred interest:

    1. The purchase balance amount to be repaid during the promotional period.
    2. The specific date on which the promotional period expires.
    3. The interest that has been billed to your account.
I applied for $X, why is my loan amount higher than that?

We call this “over-accommodation” and it is designed to provide you with the funds you may need for upgrades, cost overruns, etc. We know that home improvement projects can change as they progress. For that reason, the funding banks in the GreenSky® Program have credit rules designed to accommodate the amount you requested and, if you qualify, a buffer above that amount.

Regardless of your approved credit limit, however, you are only obligated for the payments you authorize LG Renovations to take from your GreenSky® Program loan account. The additional credit limit is simply a convenience.


Reporting Issues With Your Loan


I received an email from GreenSky asking for personal information. Should I provide this information?

No. Both GreenSky® and LG Renovations will never send emails requesting account information, customer passwords, or log in credentials. Protect your personal information and never click on unsolicited web lines provided in email or other correspondence. If you are unsure about an email you receive from your lender or the GreenSky® Program, please contact us at

What if I have a problem with GreenSky?

On behalf of all funding banks participating in the GreenSky® Program, we want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the GreenSky® Program. If you ever have any concerns that we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will work on behalf of your lender to try to resolve your concerns in a way that is professional, transparent, and fair.

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